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Internet usage is now all the rage for people to engage in communication with one another. Although people use email, instant messenger and chat, others have begun to create a type of online diary that gives others the chance to both read and comment on the writings. Blogs have become ever more fashionable, being authored by celebrities of stage and screen as well as various places of business. But our first question remain, what is a blog? Your blog is whatever you want it to be: it can be a personal diary that you share with the world, or your outlet for your political views. It can keep track of stories in the media, or connect a company to its customers on a personal level. Blogs are even being kept by family members to keep other family members who live too far away involved in their daily lives. What is a blogs purpose? A blog offers a way for the author to share their unabridged opinion on any topic, without having to worry about being censored. Most blogs also offer a way for readers to respond to topics with their own thoughts and comments. Some blogs are authored specifically to spark a debate or engage the readers in a discussion. Some blogs contain photographs that the blogger has taken themselves, or even videos of what went on in their day. Others may post material that others have authored to share with their visitors. Itas also common for bloggers to share links to web sites they enjoy, web site belonging to friends, and even the sites belonging to the visitors that participate in the comments. Blogs can be insanely popular, and garner a lot of website traffic. Some of the most popular web sites on the internet are strictly personal blogs of individuals who we would otherwise have never heard of. People can gain celebrity status just from creating a popular blog. A blog can also become a source of income for the author. First and foremost is the oldest method of turning your web site into a lucrative endeavor: advertising. Many bloggers offer advertising space on their site for a nominal fee. There are also multiple advertising management programs that bloggers can apply to, that deliver content-targeted ads, and pay the blogger for the views. Bloggers have a number of ways that they can increase traffic to their web site; some hold competitions or offer exclusive visitor content. Some spend money to obtain website traffic in order to increase their viewership and thus, perhaps, increasing their ad revenue. If you begin to wonder, what is a blog? You now know it is not a chance collection of someoneas random thoughts; it can be an educational experience, an amusing interlude, or simply mentally stimulating. A blog can generate money for its author, and if popular enough, it can provide its author with full-time employment.

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