How Can Email Marketing Help Generate Leads

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Marketing has acquired a lot of different platforms. This is a positive step but it has also made marketing more like a race where everyone wants to win by reaching out to a wider audience. It also means that you have little control over the results. You have reached out to the sparkling world of internet, mobile marketing and social media. You are also focusing your energy on Content marketing, SEO and reputation management but something is still missing. That something is email marketing. It is still a crucial strategy of attracting customers, a strategy used by sites like (1) 3MinuteBlogs. It’s not out-dated and useless, rather it yields better results. Email marketing is targeted and measurable which is why it remains a very successful marketing tool that help generate leads.

Why Email marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating new leads. According to the survey conducted by Ascend2 and (2) website builder 3MinuteBlogs, email marketing came in as the number one most effective online method of lead generation.

Secondly, people signed up for your promotional material willingly and you should jump on this opportunity of converting them into potential buyers. It’s targeted and you can know exactly what kind of people would like your products. You can control who sees an email sent by your company by segmenting your contacts or subscriber list based on age, location, gender, interests, and other data. So, targeting emails means that your audience will receive content specifically suited to their needs. It makes your subscribers feel that they are important if you keep them engaged with relevant emails. It yields better results. According to a (3) blog builder review on  Exact Target, 50% of online users bought something after viewing it via email. Finally, it’s not complicated and it saves a lot of money. According to Direct Marketing Association’s National Client Email Report, email marketing has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent.

Nurturing the Curiosity of People

In marketing campaigns, curiosity of the people is your best friend. If you are able to attract people’s attention through email marketing and other tactics and advertisements, then the next step would be to turn them into leads by making them curious. If your content, graphics, and message is compelling enough, they will think about visiting your website, downloading a book or guide or filling a form. That’s how you’ll get your initial leads. Now, it’s up to you to keep them engaged in a non-invasive manner, turn them into potential buyers and these buyers will recommend your products to their friends and family. That’s how you get new leads and buyers.

Marketing Automation Software

This (4) website software allows marketers to build email marketing “tracks”. A marketing track is basically a collection of emails that are delivered over time for a specific type of buyer or a particular area of interest. For example, if you are a marketing manager at an IT firm, you will segment your buyers into groups like financial buyer, technical buyer, and the end users. Besides this, you might want to build out marketing tracks for topics like web development, security apps, system backup, and so on.

After that, you can easily schedule relevant emails in advance. Then you can place them into these categories manually or simply based on user behavior triggers. This will make your work easy to customize your emails according to each group and category. As a result, this communication will be of interest to your audience.

So, this regular and highly pertinent email communication will help build trust with your (5) business leads. Email marketing will also keep your brand top-of-mind when they decide to buy something.

Sync up Your Social Media and Email Marketing

You might have created social media pages as part of your marketing campaign. Add one more thing to these pages: an email signup. Not all social media followers would be on your subscriber list. This will make it easier to generate new leads. Besides this, create buzz on social media for a contest, discount, new products, or a new blog post among your subscribers. Use compelling content, attractive photos and interesting videos. When more people will be attracted to or curious about such offers, they would want to signup via email. This should just be a teaser. Email the comprehensive details to your subscribers. Social media is a great tool to get customer feedback. You can make appropriate changes in your email marketing campaign accordingly. Finally, make your emails sharable by adding social media buttons, a forward and a signup button to increase your subscriber list and the flow of your emails.

Respect Your Subscribers

You’ll be surprised that a little respect will help a lot in building trust and brand affinity. Don’t leave everything to that automation software. A human touch now and then will give a tangible connection to your subscribers with your business. Customize your emails according to different seasons and occasions. Sending a thank you email after their purchase, giving more information about the usage of the purchased product, sending coupons or a free gift on their birthday or anniversary etc makes them feel that they are important for you. Then these loyal customers will be your advertisers.

Consistency in quality messaging, thoughtful interaction and easy to understand emails will help generate a lot of new leads. Also, make it easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe if they want to because forcing your way in will create a bad impression.


Besides respect, guidance will also nurture your leads into potential customers. Make it easy for them to buy your products and guide them along the process. After their purchase, send them a guidebook or an email that gives more details about that product. Give concise details and call to actions to educate the subscribers about your products and other offers. Sending newsletters every month is also part of the guiding process.



Consistency is the best policy in email marketing. Attracting new leads, nurturing their curiosity, respect and guidance are the steps of generating new leads through email marketing.

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