Get the More Cleaning Power and Efficiency with a Water Vacuum Cleaner

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In most households, having a vacuum cleaner is a must to keep the surroundings clean and really beautiful. However, most of the vacuums are often inefficient, especially in filtering out harmful allergens. If you really need to have a clean home because you are allergic to certain substances, you need to have a water vacuum cleaner. Unlike the ordinary vacuum cleaners, the water vacuum cleaner was designed to effectively remove different allergens in the floor and other areas of the house. Most of the time, the main causes of the allergens are dust mites, dust, pollen, hair from pets. These particles are often found on the floor, the carpet, furniture, and even in the air. Vacuums with HEPA filtration systems have been designed to eliminate these threats. Water vacuums can also eliminate most of these substances, but they are bigger in size and also heavier, which is why they are not usually seen at the households. One of the best known water vacuums is the Rainbow vacuum cleaner. This has many great features that can really help in cleaning your home, including a hurricane style motor, on board computerized controls, two speed operation, adjustable height nozzle, water bath filtration, stainless steel wands, additional HEPA filtration, and also an attachment caddy that contains a wide array of attachments including a dusting brush, crevice tool, wall brush, and upholstery tool. With all of these features, the machine can make light work of carpets, hard floors, upholstery, windows, and even more. The water vacuum cleaner works by trapping dirt, dust, debris, and many other particles in a reservoir of water instead of using a bag or a container. When the water is too dirty, it is just emptied and fresh water is added to the reservoir. And if the vacuum cleaner features a height adjustment feature, you can get dirt out from a thick carpet or a bare floor from any height. This type of vacuum cleaner sucks in air into the water container and keeps dirt on the water. The vacuum has a separate exhaust so that it will only blow out clean air instead of air containing the dirt and other particles. After the water filtration stage, there is still a HEPA filter that makes sure that the air released into the environment is truly pure. As with everything, the water vacuum cleaner has its advantages and disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that the machines tend to be heavy and expensive, and the water requires frequent changing. However, these vacuums do offer the most power and efficiency, and they also are best in filtration when they come with a HEPA cleaner.

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