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For over 25 years, The Ardell Group has been delivering measurable and meaningful ROI-driven results for clients in the High Technology and Energy Technology markets. We’ve become known throughout these key industry sectors as a tech-savvy, go-to high tech Public Relations Agency that always provides a clear plan of action and then consistently over-delivers on the results for digital marketing, content market and SEO. Check out our SEO Blog to learn more.

Some agencies may try to position public relations as an art but we also consider it a hard science. Feeding the right inputs into a well-engineered and proactive process can be counted on to consistently produce tangible results.

The Ardell Group’s “proven high tech PR engine” has been designed to take a client’s core value propositions, refine the messaging for maximum impact and then turn it into targeted, hard-hitting coverage that delivers the brand positioning, exposure and market presence needed to achieved desired business goals.

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