Scripted is a freelance writing platform that is passionate about original content. Though offering a broad range of expertise, their writers are connected together by their passion for writing, creating a formidable team capable of tackling all manner of projects. They are carefully vetted and provided with regular feedback thereby improving the quality of their content be it blog posts, articles, white papers or bulk social media posts. Using natural language processing (NLP), Scripted categorizes and groups the skills of writers based on completed tasks further ensuring that their clients get value for their money.

Scripted has undertaken extensive measures to ensure that it is even easier to do business with them. All you need to do is describe the needs of your content or project and suitable writers will claim your job. After the task is done, you have a chance to review it and provide edits after which you can publish your contents as you wish be it on your blog or website.

As a writer, Scripted does not only locate clients, but also takes care of every billing allowing you to concentrate on doing what you love and as well, what is most important, which is writing. Simply create an account, showcase what you can do, complete assignments and get paid. It can’t get any easier or better.

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